You can add posts of 4 different post formats: Standard, Gallery, Video and Audio.

To add a new post, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New

  • Enter the title of the post and add the content.
  • Select a preferred post format, depending on the content you’d like to add. Refer “Post Formats” section” for more information on each post format.
  • Assign at least one category to your post via “Categories” box.
  • Assign a featured image to your post via “Featured Image” box.
  • Configure the layout settings with options provided in the “Layout Settings” located underneath the Content box.
    • Make this post featured: Tick this checkbox to make this post featured. The latest post will by default be considered as the featured post unless this checkbox is ticked otherwise.
    • Select a Layout: Select the preferred layout from the dropdown. Possible options are:
      • Post with sidebar: This option displays the post with the sidebar
      • Full width post: This option displays the post that fit the full screen width without showing the sidebar.

Once you’ve finished preparing your post, you can preview how your post will look once published, by clicking “Preview” button. After ensuring that the post looks as expected, click “publish” button to have it appear on your site. You may save your post without publishing it by clicking on “Save Draft” button.