A standard, static page is similar to creating a post in many ways and is ideal for creating an About Us or Contact Us section to your website.

To create a new page, navigate to WP Dashboard > Pages > Add New.

  • Enter the title of the page and add the content.
  • Select a template from the “Template” dropdown from within “Page Attributes” panel
  • Assign a featured image, if necessary
  • Select the preferred layout from within the “Layout Settings” panel

Once done, you can preview your page by clicking “Preview” button. You can then either save the page (by clicking on “Save Draft” button) or publish it (by clicking on “Publish” button).

However, once published your new page, it will not automatically appear in your main menu. You have to set up the navigation menu to have it appear in the website. Refer “Adding a Main Menu” to get known on how to set up the navigation menu.